28Billion PKR Collects from Mobile Phone Taxes in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication authority collects record tax Amount of 28.8 Billion Rupees. Moreover according to the Representation of PTA the collects record amount of 28 Billion. Further, this Tax amount is collect by the DIRBS system of PTA.

Dibs system is a system that is use to Collect the Taxes of Mobile Phones. People register their Mobiles with the DIRBS Mobile Phone Manufacturer and Producer Verification system. Further PTA collects this amount and now is delivering it to the Government of Pakistan.

This is a Record-breaking amount that is collect by PTA in a very Short Period. Moreover, Tax is now transferring to the Government.

PTA Collects 28.8 Billion Rupees by DIRBS System

The main sources which are also include in the collection are Mobiles which comes from foreign sources. and others which include verification from the users of Mobile Smart Phones.

DIRBS system is very helpful to stop the coming of Smuggle Mobile Phones. It also help to stop mobile which comes illegally In Pakistan. You sometimes receive a message from PTA which asks you to pay your Tax to use Your Mobile phone with a telecom network.

If your Mobile is verify with Pakistan Telecom Authority you will not block from telecom Authorities.


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