5.9 magnitude earthquake kills atleast 5 peoples and 300 injuries in Iran

A High 5.9 magnitude heavy earthquake hits Iran in early Friday. According to Officials Earthquake hit Northside of Iran 5.9 magnitude earthquake killed at least 5 peoples and 300 injuries.

According to Iran State Television, 40 Aftershocks hit Iran west northern side. Moreover, the US Earthquake  Geological Survey said that the depth of the Earthquake 6 Kilometre from the surface of Earth.

In 2017 An 7.0 magnitude Earthquake in Iran hit the Main Cities. The 600 Peoples were dead in the incident and above 9,000 peoples were seriously injure.

The History of Iran is Fill with incidents of Earthquakes. Further in 2003 26,000 peoples were dead when a Deadly Earthquake hit Iran. This Destroying Earthquake named as “DAM”. This Earthquake was the most destroying Earthquake in the History of Iran.

The Head of Iran Medical Emergency said to National TV of Iran that there is no immediate scenes or images from the broadcast of the Area. National TV of Iran said that 13 serious injured are very need to hospitalized.

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