A New Hope for the increase of Pension for the Old Employs of PTCL

The Senate standing committee for the Information and Technology on Friday. The Committee orders a Report of Sub Committee on the issue of Payment of Retired Employs of PTCL. Further, the Committee adopts the report for the increase in the Payments of Retired Employs. Moreover, The Increase of Retired Employs Payment will take from the Pakistan Telecommunication Employee Trust.

The Chairperson of the Committee Rubaina Khalid suggested that it their legal right for the Improvement of their Pension. All the demands should complete for the increase of their Pensions.

The Pension Bill suggests to the senior parliamentary committee for the information and Technology. Further, the Committee Chairperson demands the Government to increase 20% in the Monthly payment of Former Retired Employes of PTCL.

The committee discussed this in the committee about the legal rights of Retired Employes. Senator Faisal Javed Khan also suggests improving the payment system for the Former Employees of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited.

New hope for the Retired PTCL officers rises, and it is making them happy for this Gift. Former Workers were very depressed because of High Prices of Everything in little Pension. It is tough to live in a bit of pension in today World.

The Committee is focusing on the increase of Retired Workers of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited from PTCL Trust. The Chairperson of the committee Rubena Khalid said that she would present this report in the house for the more brief discussion on the topic. Rubeena Khalid also said that she would try best to give them their legal rights to the Ex-Workers of  PTCL.

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