Be aware Social Media Networks are stealing and Selling your Data

Social Media Platform Security Violation

Many times we often seem to very Sensitive about our Private Data. Further, we store this Data on any Online Platform Just Like Google Drive or any other. But we dont know what they are stealing the Data we can not Trust Them 100%.

Further Just Like this we Update ourselves to facebook and twitter. After updating we Think Our Given Information to facebook is safe.

Moreover, we think that our Private Data Which We store to Facebook or twitter is Very Safe but not in Real. Social Platform Owners make us Idiot and Fool they seel our Data to Other Platforms.

Social Media sells Our Data

Now Recently in the Latest Update of What’s app, they slow Down the Overall System. What’s app slow down and Shut their Security Crawlers so they want Hackers to Steal users Data.

Now the problem is that why they are doing this because they are Pay a High amount. Some NGOs or Private IT Companies use Data of Citizens for Some Purposes of Surveys.

Recently a Privacy observer Scheme asks users to Bycoot What’s app for their Security Lower Level. Moreover, they are not even using Whats app just because they are selling Our Data to hackers.

They are shutting down their Security Crawlers and allowing Users to Hack an account Easily.

Saima Mansoor

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