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Birthday Wishes Wishes, Quotes and Greetings

here are many different options of birthday greetings. It can be, for example, beautiful congratulation in the form of a rhyme. But let’s face it – not so many people are able to independently compose really beautiful poems to a significant date. However, what prevents you get to use ready-made birthday wishes?
You just need your greetings to be sincere, with all your heart and then there will be no problem with how to find the right words and how to combine them in a single composition. Congratulations that come from the heart are always touching and admirable. Here are collected original and easily remembered birthday congratulations – bags of sincere wishes.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Very often we simply don’t have the opportunity to visit or call our parents to congratulate them on their birthday. If you are far from your relatives, for example, you live in another city or country, then you can simply send happy birthday wishes – they will be very pleased that you did not forget and found a way to congratulate them.

Birthday Wishes for a Father from His Little Baby

You must be thinking now, “Hey, babies can’t read and I’m definitely not a little baby, so why have you decided to add this odd “from his little baby” to the ideas of birthday wishes?” Well, it might be a surprise for you, but your parents will always see you a small kid no matter whether you are 10 years old or 40.

  • Happy Birthday Papa! You should know that you are a talented teacher and my best friend. Today, I want to say that I’m so grateful for your help and support. My heart keeps thanking for everything you taught me.
  • Happy birthday to papa whose achievements inspire me every day. I appreciate the good example you have shown me and I’m so proud to be able to learn from you! Have a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year!
  • I always wanted to be like you and now I try to be the same type of father to my children that you have always been for me. You are the perfect icon of strength and integrity. I admire you! Happy Birthday to you!
  • Happy Birthday to you, big guy! Wishing you an awesome birthday full of joy and another year of good health, happiness and success!
  • Happiest Birthday to the perfect papa! Thank you for being an excellent example for me!
  • Thank you for your unconditional love that has helped me to feel safe, warm and secure. Thank you so much for everything! Happy Birthday!
  • Happiest Birthday to the most dedicated guy I know! I’m so happy that you`re my father!
  • I just want you to know that I see you as the greatest man who’s ever lived! And it’s not because you are my father, but because I really see the greatness in you. Thank you for being an inspiration for me. Thank you for your support and help. You`re truly unique and as so everything you have given me.
  • Happy Birthday dad! You are not actually a year older, but a year wiser and happier!
  • Happy Birthday to the most amazing Papa! May your day be filled with tons of funny moments and presents that were bought only for you! Wishing you an amazing and successful year ahead!
  • Another year has passed. But don’t worry, you’re not old! You’re wise and experienced! I hope the coming year brings you all the happiness and joy you deserve. Happy Birthday dad, you are the guy who makes me the proudest son!
  • Pa, thank you for being my inspiration! Thank you for being an example for me! May you have a fun-filled Birthday!

Touching Happy Birthday Mom Quotes From Daughter

Let’s say your mom’s birthday is tomorrow. Make sure you have prepared everything that is needed to make this day unforgettable. A birthday gift? Check. A delicious birthday cake for your lovely momma? Check. How about a birthday speech…? If you forgot to put together a birthday speech, don’t fret! We are sure that the birthday quotes below, will help you come up with the best possible congratulations.

  • My sweet mom, you are the most important person in the world to me. Remember this even when we are angry with each other. Happy Birthday, my lovely mother!
  • My mother is the most caring and beautiful woman in the world. I wish to be like her. You gave me life, your sweet love, and wise knowledge. I love you with all my heart and miss you so much every day. I can’t wait until we meet and hug each other very strongly. Happy Birthday, mom!
  • Mama, I am always here for you. I want to make your birthday very special, just as you do every day of my life. Mommy, my love, happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the sweetest mommy in the entire world! I love you.

  • Today is your birthday and you are granted the title of the best mom of the year. You are awesome and I wish you all the best on your birthday!
  • Mom, I want you to know how much I love you. You gave me life and I will transmit this gift to my own children. You are my role model of a perfect mother. Happy Birthday!
  • God blessed me with a mother like you. You are a unique woman. I admire your love and care when it comes to our family matters. Mommy, my love for you is stronger than you can even imagine. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • Mom, you are the only person that always believes in me and encourages me to grow. We love each other, which is the best gift you could give me. Happy Birthday!
  • Mommy, your birthday has to be as awesome as you are. Happy Birthday! I love you!

The Best Happy 18th Birthday Quotes

  • Now you are 18 years and you are mature enough to live your life according to your own philosophy. Spread your wings, our angel. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 18th birthday! Don’t worry about acting like an adult just yet. Today, we party like rock stars. Tomorrow, like mature adults, we pretend it never happened!
  • You are my best birthday gift. I congratulate you with 18th birthday. Enjoy your day, sweetheart!
  • Turning 18th years old is just the beginning of an adult life. Taste it and live as you like, without copying anyone else. Happy 18th birthday, my angel.
  • There are no limits on where you go after today, find happiness in all you do. Happy Birthday enjoy your journey.
  • I have a feeling that you were born just yesterday and already today we celebrate your 18th. You are a beautiful woman now with a pure heart. Happy Birthday, dear daughter!
  • Parents always feel bittersweet when their children turn into adults. I am so proud of you. Happy Birthday!
  • Welcome to the world of adulthood! Enjoy your special day and the great years ahead. Happy eighteenth birthday!
  • Baby, do not rush to grow. You will have time. Our best wishes to the most beautiful young lady in the world on 18th birthday!
  • Baby, welcome to adulthood. Enjoy your freedom, but remain responsible. Happy 18th birthday!

Happy Birthday Quotes to My Niece

Can you recall the day you first held your little niece in your hands? Years go by and she’s growing up so quickly. Birthdays of the dearest people are always a bit sad since even though you want to freeze time and enjoy their company longer, it’s impossible. But what can survive the test of time is your love to each other and sweet memories.

  • Dearest niece, whenever you are upset or happy, lonely or surrounded by friends, know that my hugs are always open to you. I love you, happy birthday!
  • Even Google can’t find words, which will explain my love for you. Happy Birthday, dearest niece.
  • On this birthday, we will do things your parents didn’t allow you to do. I will pamper my favorite niece. With love, your auntie.
  • I am the luckiest uncle on Earth because you are my niece. Stay as positive, cheerful and optimistic as you are now. Happy Birthday!
  • I don’t want to get the title “Best aunt in the world,” all I want is to make my wonderful niece shine and smile. Happy birthday, darling!
  • On the day you were born, my life has got its sense. I love you to the moon and back, darling, and wish you a wonderful birthday!
  • Being a mom is a wonderful experience, but being an aunt is wild and crazy times! I am happy that we enjoy them together. Happy Birthday!
  • Let your life be filled only with positive moments and let you cry only from happiness. On your birthday I wish you all the best.
  • My dearest niece, you are your mom’s daughter, but you are my best friend. Have a stunning birthday!
  • I see what a wonderful woman you’ve become. Your parents worked hard to make you the woman you are now, I wish you to fulfill all your dreams and have fun on your birthday!
  • You fulfilled my dreams and the dreams of my sister because she has received a wonderful and I have received an awesome niece. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my dear NIECE. You are N-nice, I – incredible, E – enigmatic, C – cute, E – energetic young woman.
  • Today is your birthday and all I can wish you is stay yourself and always be optimistic. I believe that you’ll get everything you want.
  • A niece like you is special to her aunts and uncles not because she’s a family, but because she’s extremely lovely. Happy birthday, darling! We wish you all the best in this world.
  • If everyone had a niece like you, their life would be like a breeze and if anyone was loved by you, they live their life at ease. Happy Birthday, gorgeous!
  • In our family tree, the only person I can see. She is adorable, cute and sweet and she fills my life with love and bliss. It’s you, darling! Have an amazing birthday!

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