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This Page contains the Editorial Policy of Pakistan News Paper. The Pakistan News Paper is a Private Media Network own by Hasaan Tariq

This Page contains the Editorial Policy of Pakistan News Paper. The Page describes our policies in regards to the editorial content of pakistannewspaper.co. Pakistan News Paper brings neutral and Unique News. Moreover, We are a Team and working for bringing News for Our Readers. Editors of Our Media Network are Neutral and write News as a Professional Journalist. Moreover, CEO Pakistan News Paper Hasaan Tariq is the member of Board creating Editorial Policy of Pakistan News Paper. Further This last updating date of this page is 11th November 2019. 

Kindly Readout Editorial Policy very Carefully

Editorial Policy

  • Accuracy: We try not to make any mistake, but sometimes we make a mistake. If you find an error in one of our articles, kindly inform our Team
  • Reviews: We try to be objective. We also try to be fair in our reviews of products and services about brands. We do not accept compensation type in return for a Nice preview.
  • Affiliate links: We can disclose the affiliate link to a product or company. We can reveal it anytime.
  • Private investments: We will disclose when a Pakistan News Paper co-founder own in a private business which is being mentioned in the editorial content of Pakistan News Paper.
  • Business relations with companies and products covered: Kindly note this, that the co-founders and other writers at Pakistan News Paper often the management have business relationships with the companies and products that we include. For instance, some of us own other Web businesses which earn revenue from the advertising networks that we review on Pakistan News Paper. We see these market relationships inform our perspective and ultimately increase the value of our editorial content. Moreover Note that these relationships do exist, and we will not necessarily disclose them in an individual article.

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Hasaan Tariq CEO Pakistan News Paper

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