Face Book is Now Testing to Fail Likes Feature in New Update

Biggest Social Media platform Facebook is now Launching and Testing new Features. Moreover Like Option is going to remove in Upcoming update. Further, it is expecting to Remove this Likes function in New Update. Moreover, we can not say it with 100% because Facebook can take U-turn anytime. Facebook is now looking to launch a more powerful update to remove other Bugs that create after latest Update.

Nowadays every social media platform is becoming very strict in the Privacy department of a User/Customer. Now Youtube is also releasing its New Latest Strict Update for Privacy Protection and User Data and Safe Search protection. Moreover, Youtube is now launching its new Update on 1 December 2019. This Social media Platform is use by millions of peoples around the World.

Now the 2nd biggest platform of social media is going to launch its new privacy Policy protection Update. Facebook wants to keep the Security of user facebook is now going to make the Security and privacy data of a Customer very Safe.

Further in the Update, they are also focusing on the new Latest adding of some new features. Now, these features are introducing to make Facebook more safe and Reliable for the Customers/users of Facebook. Facebook is also adding some new Features to make facebook more attractive for Peoples and make them to spend more Quality Time on facebook.

Saima Mansoor

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