Google is Testing a new Update for Chrome

Google recently announces that they are now testing a New Update of Google Chrome. Further, the reason behind this update is to display the slow loading Websites. Further, After the successful launch of this version, the Google Chrom will Display the slow Websites.

Moreover, Google announces that they are testing a New Version of Chrome. Further, This version will show Slow websites. Moreover, the websites which are poorly code or Hosted on Very slow Hosting Network will Display on Top.

This version will also helpful for the Developers to Fix their Slow speed issue. Moreover, it will very helpful for Developers and Owners of Websites to Renew their sites and Fix all Issues. Further, On Social Media Platform users are saying that this will very helpful for them to get a Backlink. Further, Google also said that Listed website will not get a Backlink it will an Unfollow backlink and you will not find any good thing for you.

Google is a global platform and this is use by almost Millions of People around the World. Now Google is fixing an issue and Adding New Features in their Product. New Chrome Update will also contain some more changes and Fixes of many Bugs. After New Updates This will Safe the Browser from Unhealthful user access and more security  Features including Privacy Protection and Safe Search.


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