Google Nest a New Google Product for a better Life

We all know better than Google is very interested in our Life. Moreover now Google is showing special love for your Children. Yes, it means Google will Sleep accurate when your child wants to sleep. Moreover, Google is now Launching Google nest for the Night Stories. Further, we all know about Night Stories which we teach our kids on Bed Time Before Sleep.

Now These Night stories which we tell to Our kids before going to sleep are available on Google nest. basically Nest launch in 2010 for the purpose of Home Decoracy. Moreover, it means the nest provides services fr Home Decoration.  it also provides products to Decorates your home for well Look. But it is changing the Narrative little bit like they are now launching Nest Service to Storyteller service.

Google Nest

Google Nest is Now Recording best stories and it is in testing phase somehow. It records stories and tells them to the kids which they seek before sleeping in beds. Google is now taking a Good Idea to the Life of Parents and Kids. Moreover, this idea is inspired by parents who are too busy and have no time for Children’s. The parents have no time to tell them stories which they demand.

And the most amazing feature is that they can even recognize the parents’ voices. Further, if they are demanding your Stories can easily Recognize your Voice. So let’s start Recording your Stories in Google Nest and you can also tell them other stories. record your story very easily because no one can access your recorded Story.


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