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Hotel Owners are facing Problems of Politicion Tension in China

Former Protests in Hong Kong were very Unhealthy for the Traders and Economy of Hong Kong and China. Moreover, in protests, the Hotels were very damage and a big impact on Hotels in protests. Further in protests of Hong Kong Hotels owner faced a new Tension of Politician on the US Citizens.

Further many peoples were very disturb in the Former protests. Recently Marriot International Group said in their report that ” Revenue per Hotel Room in china fall to its lowest range in the Former protests”. A 27% record decline was report that is a big decline in China.

Many companies in china faced similar Problem in the same protests in Hong Kong. Headwinds Inter-Continental Hotels Group said that the US-China trade war hurt their business. Hotel Owners are facing many Tensions beside Hong Kong protest and other Politician Tension in Hong Kong.

Ahmad Shah

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