Imran Khan has won the Hearts of 140 Million Sikhs; Says Sidhu

While the opening event of Kartarpur Corridor Novjot Singh Sidhu said that his Friend Imran Khan has won the Hearts of 170M Sikhs. Imran Khan won the 170 Million Sikhs Hearts. Imran Khan was the Hope of Indian Sikhs. This is a Great Legendary Step of Pakistan for bringing peace between both Nuclear Countries. Imran Khan has Saved Millions of Peoples Life. Imran Khan has fulfilled the Wish of Millions of Sikh Religion People. India Sikh are very thankful to Imran Khan and Government of Pakistan for opening their Religious place.

Moreover, Some News Agencies talked to India Sikhs Pilgrims and they showed they’re Loved for Pakistan and Imran Khan for Bringing peace between India And Pakistan. Further, they said that every Sikh wants to Visit the Father place before the Death. Their Old Parents and Family Members died before visiting their Father place.

Place of Guru Nanak

Founder of Sikh Religion Baba Gurunanak Spent last years of his life in Kartarpur. After the partition of Subcontinent, This place was in the ownership of Pakistan Government. Indian Sikh was demanding from the last 70 years to open their Religious place. But Finally, The Government of Pakistan has filled their wish and open the Kartarpur Corridor in just 11 Months. Guru Nanak death place is very respectable for Sikhs around the World.

So Friend of Imran Khan and Former Indian Cricketer said that he is very happy with the step of Pakistan. He also added that Imran Khan has won the Hearts of 170M Sikh around the World.

Faizan Roy

Roy is a Young Business Journalist in Pakistan News Paper. He Started his Career of Journalism from Pakistan News Paper. Faizan Studied MBA From Oxford University. He Keeps Straight Eye on World Economy and Business.

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