Indian Telecom Company Losts 7b$ in 15 Minutes

An Indian tech giant Company Voda Phone lots 7b$ (USA) only in 15 Minutes. Further, it makes a huge loss to the telecom Industry In India.  This Recent loss of 7b$ is the Historical Loss in the History of India. This Loss makes the Indian Economy very poorly steady condition.

Moreover, India is now taking steps to down their own Economy. Moreover, according to the representation of Vodaphone he said that the Indian Prime Minister is managing the Economy with a Wrong Style. Further, he added that this all happen with their economy is only because of the Third Class Policies of Government.

Reason of Failure

This Company is now very near to shut down. Further, the are now just out from payments can not even pay to their Employees. Voda Phone is Out from Payments. The Owner said that they are now researching on the negative points that destroy the Company Policy.

It is looking that this company starts destroying itself after another competitor ( Jio ) starts giving much cheaper Packages.

Further now in Indian Community they are saying that this company is destroying only because of Modi. Moreover, the Opposition Party on India is saying that this company is destroying only because of the Poor Economic Policies by Narendra Modi.

Further Now Voda Phone is looking towards Google for the Audit Report and the Real Report for Destruction of Company.




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