Indian Telecom Sector is being Destroy by Their Own Hands

Telecommunication Sector is very Important Role in the Roots of It. Further Information Technology is a Root of the development of a Country that gives power to the Economy. Recently the Indian Telecom Sector faces a big issue relating and Destroying to a private Telecom Company “Vodaphone”.

Further Indian Telecommunication Company Starts failing its control in 2015 when the Government applies irrelevant Policies. Moreover, the Telecom sector is facing many problems in India and this Company Lots 7b$ in 15 according to the Private Media of India. Indian Prime Minister not even responses to this query.

Indian Telecom Company Loses its Temper

According to media Reports this company tries to run in different ways which Government Decided to take off. Further, this Company gives so many irrelevant Discounts to Customers which not approve by the Government.

Moreover, after happening this Government decides to Fine them after fine the Customers became uncontrollable because of the new Tex by Company. So after this Happening all, they lots control from their Hands and got all these troubles in their Hands.

It gives a Risk to the Indian Economy because its Telecom Companies are losing their Temper. According to Economic experts of India, it happens because of the Unsuccessful Economic policies of the Government applied to Telecommunication Companies.

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