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Iran finds 53b$ worth New Oil Resources of barrels says Iran President Hassan Rohani

Today During Special speech of Irani President Hassan Rohani he said. We have found new Barrels of Oil and these Oil barrels found will boost the economy of Iran.

Basically Iran is world best Oil Exporter and the second biggest Oil Exporter of the World. Moreover, Iran is also know as a big importer in the World. Iran is World fourth-biggest Gass Importer in the world.

The Irani President gives details of the newly discovered Oil Barrels which are located under two Small Towns. These new Discoveries are Worth of 53b$ and will boost the economy of Iran.

Currently, Iran is exporting billions of Dollars worth gass and Oil to the World. So This is a very Great Found of Iran and will boost the economy very much. Iran is exporting its natural resources and earning a billion dollars. Irani President Congratulate all the related agencies who take part in the discovery of New Resources.

Many Countries include Pakistan Qatar and Abu Dhabi also Congratulate Iran on the New  Great Discovery of Crude Oil and other Gass Sources. According to some Private sources, Iran is now on the road to become the world biggest Oil and Gass Exporter. If Iran finds some more discoveries like this one then Iran will become biggest Oil Exporter in a very short time.

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