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Kartarpur Corridor the Corridor for peace and Love

The Best step towards Love in sub-continent is the opening of Kartarpur corridor. Further in last year, Prime Minister of Pakistan announces to Open Kartarpur corridor for Sikhs of India. Kartarpur corridor is one of the best steps of Pakistan for Peaceful Environment between India and Pakistan.

Further Kartarpur is the Place where the Founder of Sikh Religion spent his last days of Life. In the last days of his life, he spent memorable years in Kartarpur. So that’s why Kartarpur is a very respectable place for Sikhs. Basically Kartarpur is located near Narowal District. Before the Prime Minister Imran Khan announces this Opening of Kartarpur corridor the Indian Sikhs travelled to Lahore and after Travelling to Lahore they went Kartarpur. Moreover, Indian Sikhs are safe from travelling a long distance, now they can Travel Direct to Kartarpur from India Without Visa.

Kartarpur Project

Basically this Project was Fixed in 1999. When Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee Visit Lahore and the Project was finalise. Moreover, the delay of this project was because of strict Relations between both nuclear Powers. Finally, this project is Complete in the record time of 11 Months. Further, this Project is a Message for peace to India.

Moreover, Prime Minister Imran Khan fixed 20$ for one Person coming to Kartarpur. Kartarpur corridor is bringing a message of peace from Pakistan. According to officials 5,000 Sikh pilgrims from India Will Visit Kartarpur Corridor in One Day. After spending one day in Pakistan Sikh pilgrims will be returning to India. Further Sikh pilgrims will not allowed to spent Night in Pakistan.

Yesterday 9th November 2019 was a memorable day for Sikhs because Pakistan announces the opening of Kartarpur corridor on the 550th Birthday of Baba Gurunanak. Pakistan gives this Gift to Millions of Sikhs around the World. Further Sikh from all the world can visit Pakistan for Kartarpur Corridor.

Indian Politicians and Actors attend the Opening Ceremony. Former Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh, India Politician and Former Indian Cricketer Novjot Singh Sidhu also attended this event. Chief Minister of Indian Punjab also attended this event.

Faizan Roy

Roy is a Young Business Journalist in Pakistan News Paper. He Started his Career of Journalism from Pakistan News Paper. Faizan Studied MBA From Oxford University. He Keeps Straight Eye on World Economy and Business.

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