Mostly Asians markets are down because of weekend

Hong Kong Pakistan News Paper: Mostly, Asian markets are very down in the last day of business. After the whole week of activity, traders take off their feet from padel. Traders fix their eyes on the US-China trade talks.

Some News came out about the US-China trade talks that Beijing agrees with Washington to start rolling back US Tariff. Now, this announcement becomes a hope for the mini and big traders. Moreover, Every trader hopes best for the talks of US-CHina war. Every person knows that Traders are very unhappy with the trade war between the US and China.

This Trade war is very sarcastic for the health of the Global Economy. On the other side, the US and China President are planning to sign an MOU for this event, but this event is delayed to December for some Reasons.

A National Australian Bank representation said that both Leaders are signing this deal in the Pressure from World Economy.

Moreover, Donald Trump advisor for trade and China said that “There is no agreement to remove the existing tariff on china. That is not in our Phase one Tariff Plane. The only person Donald Trump can make this decision.

Ahmad Shah

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