Nawaz Sharif can’t go abroad without submitting surity, Govt tells Court

Yesterday Sharif Family submit an application to Islamabad High court for removal of Nawaz Sharif Name from ECL. Further yesterday the court sends a notice to the Government of Pakistan and demands to answer it. So Today Government submits the answer in Court.

Government of Pakistan submitted the answer in Lahore High Court, that the Government has decided to not allow Nawaz Sharif to go abroad the Country. Moreover, the Government has decided to not remove the Name from Exit Control List without submitting security bound.

Further Government is demanding a Security security bond of Exact 10M Rupees from Nawaz Sharif. Further Former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif is in his House. A special ICU is in the House.

Further, the Members of the Federal Cabinet also want to send Nawaz Sharif abroad. Moreover, some Officials from PTI are taking the Health of Mian Nawaz Sharif into Politics. Further, Pakistan News Paper interview some Youth in Public and Question them about Health of Nawaz Sharif.

Youth also demands Prime Minister Imran Khan to Give Permission to Nawaz Sharif to go abroad to get Some Treatment. Further, they also suggest Imran Khan Government to Remove getting Security Money From Nawaz Sharif. Former Prime Minister is very Seriously Ill and Many Senior journalists from Pakistan are also recommending Imran Khan to let Nawaz Sharif go abroad.

A Democratic Prime Minister never takes steps forward Life Problems of a Human. Federal Ministers are also taking this into Political Situation. This is a Problem of Health of a man a Citizen of Pakstan.

Mostly Public is also saying that Nawaz Should pay the Security bill to Government. If he will come back to Home then Government will cancel the form of Surety.


Ahmad Shah

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