Pakistani Student made a device to fight with Harmful effects of Smog

A Pakistani Student belongs to Lahore built a device to fight with Smog. Further, he add that this machine is able to fight against the Harmful Smog. The device is use to Fight the smog and safe any human Life from Dangerous effects of smog. Moreover, the student group said that this is an incredible invention of their life and this is very helpful. Further, he said that I am proud to Study in the institute where teachers teach with many helpful Practicals.

Moreover, The University Professors that he is very happy to have the students. He said that my students are very intelligent I am surprise when I saw their intelligence level. Professor informed Pakistan News Paper that his students are very intelligent. Professor informed that it takes almost 30 days to complete this Mision. The expanse is almost 30,000 or around 40,000.

The Machine is looking to be more helpful for a family who is living in Lahore or Around. Because this machine will help you to fight against Bad effects of Fog and many diseases. Moreover, as we all know that recently the Pollution level of Lahore come on very Dangerous level. in this case, many people affect because of low pollution level.

Further, this Machine uses very less amount of Electricity almost 30- 40 waat. This machine is very helpful for the Health of a Common Man.


Saima Mansoor

This writer is Very Talented, from Lahore She Loves Cooking and Sharing News Ideas about Cooking. Saima Chose us To Bring better Ideas for You. Further, She is Sharing Food Ideas and Exploring Food Points of Lahore. Saima Mansoor is a senior journalist at Pakistan News Paper. Fatima is bringing latest News around the world for our Respected Readers.

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