PTCL Employees Trust refuses Increase in Payments of Retires Employees

Retire employees of PTCL recently get an application to increase the Payments of Retire from PTCL. Further Pakistan Telecommunication Limited refuses to pay RS 41 Billion to Employees. Now the employees are going to launch a Grand event in front of the head office in Islam abad.

Moreover, now this Telecommunication Company is going to launch a new feature where they can give full protection to Ex-Employees. PTC is now testing the Privacy and Security Testing Phase to launch after the Testing phase.  Further, This is looking very Successful and very trustful for the Retire Employees Of Pakistan Telecommunication.

PTCL Resuses to pay 41 Billion Rupees

Moreover, The Company is refusing to pay a higher amount of Rs 7 billion Pakistani rupees to the retire employees. Further, now they are no willing to pay this amount because of this Telecommunication is out of Payments. They are also in the loss from the last five years and also they are losing Budget from many Years.

This Telecommunication company is now looking towards the Government of Pakistan for paying them the bills. Further Fed Government is looking very Lazy to help the trust for the Retired Employees Fund.

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