Yotube is becomming Platform for Celebrities

Youtube is a Public platform where people came and publish their work. Moreover, some people came there to post their Vlogs on Youtube but nowadays it is changing. Many celebrities are joining Youtube for Commercial and Daily Routine publishing. Further Now they are making some changes in their daily routine.

Many Celebrities join Youtube for posting their Daily Vlogs and they are Now earning successfully from Youtube. A Pakistani legend Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar is now an Active Youtuber on youtube and he is making Daily Videos on Daily Routine. More likely many More Celebrities from India and Pakistan are also joining Youtube For their Future career.

Celebrities are Joining Youtube

We all know that youtube is a Global Public Platform where people came for watching Videos relating to Entertainment or Information. Moreover, Our Legendary celebrity and Ex Cricketer of Pakistan Team Shoaib Akhtar is also Available on youtube. Further Celebrity from Pakistan Film Industry Hania Amir is also Available on Youtube.

Hania post 2 videos from one Month from now. She is having 1M + Views on her both Views but she is not even available to Post the Videos. She might busy in some kind of shooting so she is not Updating. So Youtube Pakistan is also going to Host Pakistan Film Industry Actors from now.

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